About Clerkenwell Close Tenants Association.
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About Clerkenwell Close TA

Meeting Real Community Needs

Whilst Putting the Spirit back into Community Spirit

Clerkenwell Close Tenants Association represents the interests of the people living in the Clerkenwell Close area of London EC1. Our site provides an introduction to Clerkenwell Close TA, an explanation of how the association works, issues that affect our community, news on neighbourhood events, a list of useful contacts, the names of our local patrons and some favourite places to eat and drink. Finally we tell the story of Clerkenwell and feature profiles of people who live and work here.


Clerkenwell is located in the heart of London with the central London postcode of EC1 (East Central 1). We’re located within walking distance of the City of London, the West End, and have great transport links with the rest of Greater London and beyond via Farringdon station and a number of other local tube and overground stations within walking distance. Clerkenwell Close, where our residents reside, is located between Clerkenwell Green and Rosebury Avenue.


Clerkenwell, once run-down, has undergone radical improvement over the last 15 to 20 years, and is now a sought-after area in central London for residents & commerce. The TA was formed in response to a need to improve our particular section of Clerkenwell – Clerkenwell Close – that is situated at the back of Clerkenwell Green. Behind one particular georgian building, which was converted for the resdients into modern living spaces, lay an area of waste ground. The residents got together and were able to form the TA in order to raise funding to transform the barren ground into a beautiful garden; hence the green theme to our website. Since then more residents have joined, and the scope of the TA has widened to produce a variety of ideas to maintain a healthy and vibrant community. Since the inception of the TA, we have seen the neighbourhood spirit revitalised, and encourage other groups to take on challenges, and watch the community spirit develop just as our garden has done.


We’re not a political entity, but we say, if the local goverment isn’t doing it for us, we’ll do it for ourselves!

Contact Clerkenwell Close Tenants Association today to get the latest local community news.

Membership to Clerkenwell Close Tenants Association is currently restricted to residents of Clerkenwell Close and who are current tenants of Circle 33 Housing Trust.

There is another TA which is run in the neighbourhood for residents of the Peabody Estate, but those tenants will have to contact the Peabody Trust for more information about joining that one.

TA Meetings

Clerkenwell Close TA hold several official meetings each year, and previous meetings have been held in the crypt in St. James Church, the Kings Head Pub and the Horseshoe Pub.


In Addition to official TA meetings, we hold a couple of parties for residents each year.


Clerkenwell Close TA gets a portion of funding donated to us from TV and film productions that film in the local area. Production companies often get in touch with residents through the TA to ensure that noise and disruption in the area is kept to a minimum where possible, and to offset the disruption to tenants we have been given a series of donations to keep the TA running, provide us with needed funds for the garden, and to pay for TA community events.

If you belong to a production company and are filming in Clerkenwell, please do get in touch with the link below.

We rely on donations to keep our website going & for IT equipment.